Frequently Asked Questions

+ How do I join the practice?

Come to reception and ask! If you have your medical card it helps but don't worry if you can't find it, you will just have to sign a simple form.

+ What area do you cover?

Rhos, Penycae, Johnstown, and parts of Ruabon. We also go East to Gyfelia and North as far as Legacy. Click here for a map.

+ How do I sign myself off work?

For the first seven days of any illness you do not need a certificate from your doctor. Your employer may have their own paperwork or you should complete the simple form "SC2" which should be available from your employer or local benefit office. Your employer cannot insist on a doctors' note for statutory sick pay within the first seven days although some companies do run their own additional schemes for which a private note is required and for which you would have to pay. Only after seven days sickness do you require a note from your doctor. Further information is available from the Department of work and pensions.

+ What do I need to know if I am travelling abroad?

Our nurse has up-to-date advice regarding vaccinations; you can also get much more advice from the DoH website.

+ How do I get repeat prescriptions?

We do not take prescription requests by 'phone as there is too much risk of error. You should be given a "repeat slip" with your medicines, that is a printed list of your medication. This can then be handed to reception or your pharmacy of choice to request a repeat of your medication. Repeat prescriptions can now be requested online. Please click here for further information.

+ What services do you charge for?

Nearly everything we do is provided free at the point of use under the NHS. There are some things that are not provided for under the terms of the health service and for which we make a charge, in general these are items such as private medical certificates, insurance claim forms and certain travel vaccinations.

+ Why do you close one afternoon per month?

The Local Health Board, which manages services for patient health, organizes these afternoons for the doctors & staff to develop & improve services to patients.

+ What are my responsibilities as a patient?

  • Please treat our General Practitioner and Staff with courtesy and respect. We ask that you treat them as you yourself would wish to be treated. The Staff are there to help you. We operate a zero tolerance with regard to aggression and violence and anyone who is abusive or violent may be removed from the practice list.

  • The first hour is extremely busy. Please keep telephone calls brief or later in the day. We would also appreciate if you could order your prescriptions after 10.00am.

  • Please let us know as soon as possible if you cannot keep an appointment as they can be offered to someone else.

  • Change of Address or details- if you change address or name, please let us know as soon as possible. Also, please give your phone numbers, even if its ex-directory and postcode.

  • You have responsibility for your own health, please take the advice given to you at the practice

  • A booked appointment is for one patient only. If another family member is ill, you should make arrangements for an extra appointment.

  • Please order your medication in sufficient time, especially close to a Bank Holiday.