Important information for patients about your repeat prescriptions.

All repeat prescriptions are listed on the counterfoil of your prescription; keep this safe and when you have 5-7 days supply of tablets left tick the medications you need. If you have lost your counterfoil please write the names of the medication you require on a piece of paper - don't worry too much about exact spelling we can usually work that out but we scratch our heads over requests for "the white tablets!"

Then: · Hand your ticked counterfoil to your usual Chemist and pick up your prescription 48 hours later;

or Hand your counterfoil in at the surgery or put it in the prescription box just outside reception with the name of the Chemist you want it sent to and pick it up from that chemist 48 hours later;

or Send your ticked counterfoil with a stamped addressed envelope to the surgery and we will send the prescription to you within 48 hours.

Please do not ring up to order your repeat prescriptions. There is a great potential for error with complicated drug names; also it ties up valuable receptionist time.

Please try to request all your repeat items together rather than several times per month. A lot of people find that they run out of tablets at different times of the month and have to therefore put in more than one request for tablets. We would be happy to help you get your prescriptions 'in line' so that you only have to request your prescription once every four weeks. This would save all of us time and reduce the chances of errors being made.


Did you know you can now order your repeat prescriptions online.  Click here to find out how.